Futures Program

Sporting Tampa Bay FC’s Futures Program is specifically designed to offer younger players a higher level of soccer training at an early age in a fun and age appropriate way. By teaching players “the right way” to play the game early on –  with a focus on teaching technical skills and promoting a passion for the game – it will lead to many more years of enjoyment and success on the field for them.

For the 2020-21 season, The Futures Program will accept children born in calendar years 2013-2014-2015. Teams will be split up primarily according to the child’s age, but this division will also be flexible according to the skill. The intent is to provide your child a safe, positive, motivating environment where he/she can develop their team and individual skills.

Why the Futures Program?

STBFC’s Futures Program provides age-appropriate content and methodologies to optimize early stage development at this critical stage in the youth players.

Players at this early age have developmental needs that are very different from those of older players, and thus require a learning environment that differs from “traditional” team sports programs.

Developmentally, children at the younger ages are more inclined toward individual than team play. Teamwork is more natural when athletes reach an age where the peer group becomes important.

Developing individual skills becomes more challenging the older the player becomes. It can be done, but requires hours and hours of very basic practice and repetition that can try the patience of older athletes. Starting younger, such practice can be spread over a longer time.

This is why the primary focus of the Futures Program is to support and develop each individual player. Giving them the individual foundation of skills and knowledge, they need in order to be a more impactful player as they progress in their soccer journey.

There are no short-cuts to ball mastery or game intelligence!

Coaching Staff

Our standards are high for coaches. We expect high energy, positive and dedicated coaches who promote a fun and safe place for your child to learn and play soccer.

Did you know that ALL of our Coaches & Staff have a USSF license? What does that mean? Check out US Soccer’s Licensing Levels

Our coaches and staff represent our core values.

Our Mission
Create an environment that enables players to reach new levels in their development while learning a very specific style of play we like to call The Sporting Way

Our Philosophy
Put Players First! Focus extensively on creating technically competent players through education and development.

Our Vision
We desire to be recognized as Tampa Bay’s premier Soccer Club for player development.


  • Practices/ Scrimmages will be 6-7:15 PM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week
  • Practices/ Scrimmages will be held at Wesley Chapel District Park

Cost and Registration

  • Registration Fee: $165- plus $10 Park Fee
    • Cost covers lights, equipment and park fees
  • Training Fees: $255 – total split up over 2 months beginning on 10/19/2020.
    • Cost covers admin fees to run Futures program and coach training fees.
      • 2 training sessions a week with a USSF and/or UEFA Licensed coaches from October 2020 to Feb 2021
      • 14 regular season Friday night scrimmages
      • End of the Year Academy tournament Other “friendly” tournaments, if desired by parents
      • 2 Under Armour jerseys, 1 game Short, 1 game Sock, 1 practice top.


  • When? – Season starts Oct 19th 2020
  • Where? – All Sessions will be held at the Wesley Sporting District Park.
  • What age is the Futures Program good for? – U6 – U8 (Birth age 2012 – 21014)
  • What age does competitive start? –  The regular competitive soccer program starts at U9.
  • Does the program separate the boys and girls? – Yes, there will be distinct programs for boys and girls, with separate training and games.
  • How do I register my child? – Click Here to register.

For more information, please contact:

Nikki Torres

Head DA Trainer