Frequently Asked Questions

Age Group Formats

For all competition sanctioned by FYSA:

For more information about birth years and small sided changes, click on video below!


Is my child allowed to play up for a higher age group?

It is FYSA’s policy that all players compete at a level they are capable of both physically and developmentally. In order for a player to move up more than two birth years (players U9 and above) it will require approval from the affiliate’s Director of Coaching or Agent of Record and the FYSA Director of Coaching. Players U8 and below are only permitted to play up one year.
Failure to obtain proper permissions may result in the player being removed from the team’s roster.

How long is the Junior Season?

Practice begins in August. A few coaches actually start prior to August. Attendance is not mandatory until late August, after school is in session. Practice season runs through May, usually with a break of a week or two for Christmas.

How expensive  is competitive soccer?

Fees are explained on this page:

Why should I register at STBFC instead of another club or organization?

If you are comparing STBFC with other area clubs, make sure to compare apples to apples:

  • Is the club part of FYSA or another accredited organization?
  • Does the other club include the cost of the Region C tournament (or the equivalent end of year tournament) or will you have to pay it yourself?
  • Does the other club have Licensed Trainers, or will one of the parents be asked to train and coach the team during the season?
  • Does the other club include the cost of 10 months of training, or will you be asked for more money after the season?
  • How many teams will your coach carry this season?
  • Will your team be a priority when there is a conflict?
  • Will your coach have separate training sessions for his/her teams?
  • How many trainers will your coach have per training session?

What other expenses should I be prepared to have?

If you are a first-year player you will be required to purchase a starting kit from

You should also prepare for a few tournaments. Each team will discuss in the beginning of the year how many tournaments they are interested in. The number varies from team to team, coach to coach. Fundraising is a great way to pay for tournament fees. If the tournaments are out of town, you will have additional expenses for gas, hotel, and food.

I have multiple children in the program. Is there a sibling discount?

The soccer club does offer a 10% discount off of the registration fee of the 2nd child and any additional beyond that.

How much will the team travel?

It varies depending on the conference the team registers with and the number of clubs in the conference in the same age group. Usually, regular season games are within 1 to 2 hours travel. Tournament plans may take the team further away but that is planned with the coach and team manager.

Player and Parent Behavior