Put a Player on the Pitch Program

Sporting Tampa Bay FC is committed to providing youth soccer activities to every eligible player who wishes to participate. A portion of the registration funds are earmarked to the Put a Player on the Pitch Program, allowing our club to provide a limited amount of financial award to children whose families are unable to pay the full cost of registration club fees. As a non-profit organization, STBFC is required by IRS rules to qualify financial award based on fairly applied guidelines. The club grants financial award on the basis of financial need (NOT player ability) and requires information to determine the need for financial assistance.

All players seeking financial assistance are required to apply online. The deadline to apply for financial aid is 7/31/2021.  The Director of Soccer (DOS) will review all applications once the deadline has passed. You will be notified on the decision within 10 days of the deadline. All information on this form will remain confidential. Please note that a financial award request form must be completed for each seasonal year.

If a player is approved for financial assistance based on the information submitted, a player may be awarded a % discount on their training fees.

The actual percentage waived varies according to budget availability. Recipients of aid will have their accounts credited based on the award level. No money will be sent directly to the player or the respective team. In addition, financial assistance may not be used for player equipment, travel, tournaments, uniforms or other player/team expenses.
Besides financial need, additional criteria the DOS will consider:

  • Attempts made by team to fund the player.
  • Additional fundraising efforts on the player’s behalf.
  • Level of involvement of applicant in youth soccer, as a player, helping other players, referee, or coach.
  • Level of involvement of applicant’s family (parents, siblings) in youth soccer.
  • Level of involvement in extracurricular activities (school, community).

All applicants are reviewed against the same criteria, regardless of sex, race, color, creed or religious beliefs. Recipients of aid will be required to volunteer their time to club activities.

Apply Online!