Sporting Soccer Committee

Sporting was established in 2004, as a division of the Wesley Chapel Athletic Association, to provide our community with a competitive and structured environment to learn and play the “beautiful game” that we know as soccer.

Sporting Committee Members for 2021-20222

Shaun Brooks | Coach and Player development –

David McFeron | Club Operations Lead –

Betty Jean Kreilein | Registrar –

Volunteers Needed

We need your help! If you would like to be a part of making Sporting one of the elite soccer clubs in the area then please reach out to us and volunteer to fill an open position or help a committee chair with your time and expertise.

The following volunteer roles are in desperate need. We are a community club that needs the help of its members to be successful. Please consider taking on one of the below responsibilities.

Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting lead will manage the clubs budget, Collect funds, and reconcile our spend. This role requires a strong understanding of budgeting and accounting skills. A licensed CPA would be an ideal candidate for this role, but not a requirement.

Partner Relationships Lead

The ideal partner relationship leads is someone who has a passion for finding new and interesting ways to engage our community to help support the club. This candidate will lead fundraising efforts by engaging with local and regional businesses who may be interested in supporting our local soccer club. Additionally this position will work the Club Operations lead to continue to enhance our relationships with other soccer programs, clubs in the area, and Pasco County Parks.

Uniform Coordinator Lead

The Uniform Coordinator lead will work with a small team of volunteers who assist the club by managing uniform sizing, ordering, and distribution. Working with the club leadership this candidate could suggest design ideas and suggest vendors to support our uniform needs. The lead will be supported by volunteers from each of our programs, but would ultimately be responsible for all unform orders and distribution.

Marketing Lead

It is of extreme importance that we do an exceptional job at marketing our programs to our local community. This candidate will lead a small team who can handle all forms of marketing needs. Social media, printed, signage, and newspaper adds. They will work with the club leadership to report on our Marketing strategies and suggest modifications to make our marketing more efficient and successful.

Scheduler Lead

The Scheduler is in charge of maintaining a schedule to include all home games and practices for all Sporting programs. They will work closely with the program leads to determine field space needs, document the schedule in a shared location, and adjust as needed. They will work closely with the county Parks team to be sure we are aware of upcoming field closures. Requests for a field time will come to this team.

Special Events Lead

Throughout the year Sporting will conduct many special events such as camps and tournaments. The Special events lead will be responsible for the planning coordination and execution of these programs. This team will grow and shrink based upon the needs of the event. Gaining volunteer and necessary paid staff support for upcoming events will be part of this role.

Committee Meetings

STBFC Committee Meetings: The STBFC Committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm at the Wesley Chapel District Park. This meeting is open to the public.

Sporting Tampa Bay FC is governed by the Wesley Chapel Athletic Association (WCAA). We subject to the the standards and procedures defined by their bylaws.

WCAA Board Meetings: The WCAA Board meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 6pm. This meeting is open to the public.

Click here for a listing of the WCAA General Board of Directors.